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       ONLY-M Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has originated from ONLY-M Engineering Part., Ltd. which was founded in 1992 at 138/4 Onnuch Alley 10, Suan Luang Sub-District, Suan Luang District, Bangkok, 10250. We worked on several fields such as electricity system, air conditioning system, fire protection system and machine setup. Our excellent works have built trust and credibility among customers from many fields such as electronics industry, food and beverage industry, petrochemical industry, auto parts industry, department store, hotel, hospital, building, and offices.


       In 1995, we expanded by building another office at 138/1 Onnuch Alley 10, Suan Luang Sub-District, Suan Luang District, Bangkok, 10250, to enhance performance and support the workload that corresponds to the increasing customers’ needs.  In 1997, we bought a new office which located at 303/27 Village No.10, Chao Khun Taharn Road, Lum Pla Tew Sub-District, Lad Krabang District, Bangkok, 10250. It was used as a headquarter and as a storage for equipment, spare parts and products, in case the customers urgently need any of them.


       In 2002, the Part., Ltd. has elevated its status into Co., Ltd, under the official name of ONLY-M Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The company increased capital and employed more engineers and experts to assure the customers of its performance that has been constantly growing over time.


       In 2004, ONLY-M Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. expanded work capability in order to support industry expansion in Nakhon Ratchasima Province Area, by establishing an office and storage building at 41/2 Soong Nern Sub-District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, 30170, which was used as a main office in North-East Region.

       In 2008, ONLY-M Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. built a new headquarter building at 339 Khum Klao Road, Lum Pla Tew Sub-District, Bangkok. The building has been used as a new headquarter, equipment and product storage, and distribution center to send out products and equipment to many offices, to efficiently accommodate the customers’ needs.

       In 2019, ONLY-M Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  received  the quality management system guarantee ISO 9001:2015 from  GCL International   Co., Ltd. to ensure that  all    projects completed by our company shall deliver  the international standard   to all of  our clients

       ONLY-M Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. hopes that our successful works and projects within the past 30 years will ensure your confidence in our performance.


ONLY-M Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. aims to be the leader in an engineering services provider that offers the best quality of electrical system,

air-conditioning system and fire protection system

with the right engineering principles.



  • To keep improving the quality of the project to ensure that it meets clients’ needs

  • To develop the company’s human resources to meet the standard of both company and government organization.

  • Employees, partners, and customer shall be treated with justice and fairness.

  • To ensure that safety principles are followed and implemented in any circumstances.

  • To encourage the responsibility toward the environment in both direct and indirect acts.

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